WABACon 2017

Holiday Inn Perth
778 - 788 Hay Street
Perth, WA 6000 Australia
April 8, 2017 - April 9, 2017

Welcome to WABA!

We are an association dedicated to the promotion of tabletop gaming in Western Australia.

We enjoy coming along to WABA events - we have met many friendly people and tried out many new games. Fun times!
David (WABA Member)
WABA works hard to be a friendly and inclusive place to learn and play board games.
Rob (WABA Member)
"I have never met a more amazing and inclusive group of people. There's always a game looking for another player and new friends to be made."
Kym (WABA Member)
"Amazing collection, amazing people!"
Richard (WABA Member)
"There's no better way to get involved in modern hobby boardgaming in Perth"
Luke (WABA Member)
"WABA is one of the best and friendliest ways to learn new games and play old favourites."
Leece (WABA Member)
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Chairperson’s Address November 2016

From WABA’s perspective, the appointment of a new Committee is the start of the next year of activity so, on behalf of the 2017 Committee, welcome to a new year of WABA. The Committee has been very active in the couple of months since the AGM, and there are lots of changes on the way. […]

Event recap: Thornlie November 2016

November’s Thornlie event saw a great mix of exciting new games as well as old favourites. Here are some examples. Mechs vs. Minions This was a staple of our day. Ian, Tim, and I played the first and second missions, before returning for another attempt of the second mission with Leah later in the evening. We were not […]

WABA D-Con 2016

WABA’s D-Con is our biggest event of the year and is always held at our last meet of the year at Mt. Claremont. It’s 12 hours of gaming, over three rooms, with lots of tournaments and prizes! It’s free for members, first-time visitors to a WABA event, or if it’s not, $5, which is conveniently the […]

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