About WABA

Our Aims

Formed in 2007 and incorporated in 2008, the West Australian Boardgaming Association is a not-for-profit collective of gamers who promote board and card games through a range of public events in Western Australia.

Our aims are:

  • The promotion of boardgames in the West Australian community.
  • The provision of regular game playing events at community venues.

Currently WABA runs a regular monthly event in Mt. Claremont and another in Thornlie.

You can find out more about the type of games we play here



When venues incur a cost, this is passed on to attendees in the form of a small entrance fee to WABA events.

These fees are also used to provide raffle prizes at some events and to build the WABA Games Collection which is made available at all meets.


Community Gaming

As well as running our own meets, WABA has been involved in a number of community programs including:

  • Charity games event for the Friends of Hiam
  • Excursions at Perth schools
  • Introduction to modern boardgaming at the City of Stirling Libraries
  • Co-ordination of the gaming streams at other community events such as Swancon & OZ Comic-Con


The Organisation

WABA is a registered incorporated association, incorporated in Western Australia.


The Committee

In accordance with West Australian rules for the incorporation of a non-profit organisation, WABA is run by an elected committee. Details of committee members and their roles can be found here.