WABA D-Con 2017

WABA D-Con 2017

Be sure to check back here or at out Board Game Geek guild thread for updates on prizes, tournament times and other details.


You are invited to join us in celebrating another great year of our Association’s success, where there’ll be games galore as well as lots of opportunities to reward our members and supporters. We have enough board-gaming goodness to fill three rooms on Saturday 9th December from 11:00AM to 11:00PM at the Mt Claremont Community Centre, 107 Montgomery Ave, Mt Claremont .


Entry is free to WABA members – there will be a list of current members at the door so you can check if your membership is current.
If it’s not, you should hang your head in shame and seek out a Committee member (wearing red vests), who will find you a sign-up form so that you can join – annual membership costs $5 and, as well as supporting WABA, means you’re now eligible for free entry to D-Con 2017.

Non-WABA members pay $5 for entry, unless it is your first time at a WABA event, in which case you get to try us out for free.


Every attendee is eligible to win a door prize as long as you are present at the time. These will occur at 12:00PM, 3:00PM, 5:30PM and 8:30PM, and are run by a coin flip.

The first round is only for non-members and offers an unmissable 50% chance of being out of the running straight off the bat. So, if you’re a member you have a 100% chance of successfully making it into the second round! Thereafter, everyone’s in it until there’s only one left standing.
The winner gets to select something from THE PRIZE POOL.

Every attendee is also entitled to one entry in the raffle prize, for which you do not need to be present to win but you must leave your name and contact details on the registration sheet (near the door). Four names will be selected randomly from the sheet and contacted according to the information they have left. In order of selection, each winner will get to choose something from THE PRIZE POOL.

The Prize Pool


There’ll be games and gaming all day everywhere you look, but the WABA Committee and some members will be running tournaments, group games and other special events throughout the day, including…

Reiner Knizia’s Decathlon tournament: 11:30AM – 5:00PM in the foyer, run by the WABA Committee.
Sign-up is not required, you can jump in and play whenever you wish, but your entry must be completed by 5:00PM.

A regular favourite and, if you know how to roll a handful of dice then you know how to play this (but, if you’re interested, click here for the rules).
The winner will roll towards a brand new copy of Dragonwood

The Game Name Game competition: 11:30AM – 5:00PM anywhere you like, run by Jason
Sign-up is not required; you can collect an entry form near the door but it must be completed and returned by 5:30PM.

Think you know your board games? Think you know what’s in your board games? Let’s find out…
Grab an entry form and identify as many games as you can from the pictures provided. Yes, it’s that “easy”!

The winner is the person who gets the most correct answers (draws to be decided by heads & tails), and will receive a prize generously donated by Tactics.

Nobody but Us Chickens tournament: 12:15PM – 1:15PM in room 2, run by Warren.
You need to know how to play to join, but can learn on the day. Sign-up is not required but is recommended, as the tournament is limited to 18. You can register here.

This is a fast-paced, simultaneous action selection card game where players earn points by capturing chickens with their predators (foxes and rats) or protecting chickens with their guard dog. The game is easy to learn, but exciting and unpredictable.
The winner will lay into a brand new copy of Kingdomino

RoboRally Death Match1:30PM* in room 3 , run by Oliver.
*This is a player elimination game of only one round so, if your bot is killed, you are free to move elsewhere. The tournament will finish no later than 3:30PM.
You need to know how to play the game to join, but can request a learning game. Sign-up is requested, and you can register here.

This is the Robo Rally death match arena! No racing to way points in this game – it’s about survive and kill. Using a modified set of rules, you get VP for killing other bots, and a VP for surviving, and they’re the only two things you need to do.

The Big Catan tournament: 1:30PM – 3:30PM in room 2 , run by WABA, hosted by Warren.
You must know how to play to join. Sign-up will be required…

A special WABA event, this is settling Catan like you’ve never seen it before – more details coming soon.
The winner will get to explore a wild and untamed copy of The Colonists

Pandemic Survival tournament: 3:45PM – 5:45PM in room 2, run by WABA, hosted by Warren.
Sign-up is required in teams of two, as the tournament is limited to twelve teams. you can register here

Pandemic Survival is an “extreme” version of Pandemic where teams of two players compete to save the world. Their goal: to be the first team to find all four cures, or to be the last team still alive at the end of the game.
In this tournament-style version of the game all teams face the same problems: they all draw the same player cards, Epidemics strike at the same time for all teams, and every team has the same role cards. A Game Master will call the same Infection cards for everyone. The only difference is the decisions that teams make! Their strategic choices will lead each team in different directions, and one strategy will pay off in the end and lead to victory.

The winning team will a copy of Pandemic Iberia

and Pandemic: Reign of Cthulhu

to split, share or fight over as they wish.

Wits & Wagers tournament: 7:00PM – 8:30PM in room 3 , run by WABA, hosted by Tim and Ernest.
You do not need to know how to play the game, but sign-up is required with the competition limited to seven teams of three or four players (one of which is reserved for walk-ins on the day). You can register with a pre-made team (3 or 4 people) or as an individual here.

Wits & Wagers is a trivia game where you don’t need to know the answers in order to win – you can bet on anyone’s answer, so you can win by making educated guesses, by playing the odds, or by knowing the interests of your friends.

Each member of the winning team will receive something from a lucky dip.

One Night Ultimate Werewolf8:45PM in room 3 , run by WABA, , hosted by Kent.
You do not need to know how to play the game and sign-up is not required, but capacity is limited to 24, so it will be first-in.

Werewolves have infiltrated the village – can you find and lynch a werewolf after the antics of one night? You may have a special role to do at night or even switch sides and not even know it! Play with different people and new roles each round.

If you want to run your own event or scheduled game and require sign-up (or expressions of interest) you should create a thread in the WABA General Forums. If you would like your event listed in the schedule and on the announcements list then please also send a geekmail to be sure it is not missed.The WABA Committee may consider providing prizes for scheduled events that are open to participation by all attendees and serve to support the spirit of the day.



From 11:30AM until 7:00PM there will be a designated area available for attendees to offer and make offers on games for sale or trade. You may offer anything related to table-top gaming that you wish.

The Committee will make pre-formatted tags available that will show an asking price, whether or not you will accept “ONO” offers and/or trade offers, and space for people to write their offers onto the form. (Note: You are not obligated to use these, they are simply provided as a convenience for anyone wishing to use the For Sale/Trade table.)

Also, if you make an offer and you intend to leave before the table is closed, you should check with the owner to see if your offer will be accepted early, or leave contact details if you are happy for it to be accepted later.



Drinks will be available for purchase from WABA.

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